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Danai Gurira Teases Season 6 to EW; Greg Nicotero Talks Walkers With THR

This week, Danai Gurira teases Season 6 to Entertainment Weekly, while Greg Nicotero discusses changes to the walkers with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, Den of Geek looks back at Norman Reedus’ improvised line in Season 5. Read on for more:

• Danai Gurira, speaking with Entertainment Weekly, calls Season 6 “very powerful and beautiful at the same time.”

• Chatting with The Hollywood Reporter about Season 6, Greg Nicotero reveals, “We’re doing a few things we haven’t done before, which is the digital augmentation of a couple of walkers. We’re moving noses and putting a cavity there. Taking the area underneath the ribcage and shrinking it down.”

Den of Geek spotlights the most memorable improvised moments on scripted TV, including Season 5’s “Remember” where Daryl tells Carol, “You look ridiculous.”

Variety reports that the Season 5 DVD topped two national home video sales charts for the week ending Aug. 30.

The Hollywood Reporter explores the show’s battle against spoilers, with Scott Gimple reasoning, “We do like preserving the story for the audience.”

• Interviewed by the San Jose Mercury News, Josh McDermitt says he hopes Eugene has what it takes to survive: “He has the brains to do it. He just needs to learn how to fight… a skill that’s hidden in the sweat of his mullet.”

• Talking to Canada’s Postmedia Network, Chad L. Coleman says, “There is a tremendous amount of pride for what I was able to do. That final episode will be something that will be remembered.”

Undead Walking interviews Corey Brill, who says that Pete had to “hide all of this rage and pain and addiction enough to still function in the community. I think the most challenging thing about portraying someone who’s wearing a mask like that is figuring out how that mask comes off. For Pete it was ugly, and fast.” reports that Lennie James’ favorite Season 6 line is something Chandler Riggs says — and “it is utterly and completely brilliant.”

• Also, according to, Norman Reedus declares that Season 6 “feels like Season 1 on Viagra.”

• In Dread Central, Greg Nicotero bids farewell to Wes Craven, saying, “It is difficult to put in words the impact Wes had on me as a horror fan, filmmaker and human being… but what I can say mostly is THANK YOU.”

What Culture looks back at “some of the men, women and children who were lost during the run of the show you could be forgiven for forgetting all about,” like Axel and Tara’s girlfriend Alisha.

The Orange County Register is looking forward to the show’s Oct. 11 return, describing it as “cable’s most-watched show, and one of its best.”

Outer Places, previewing the show, says, “Most shows lose momentum after five seasons, but considering that this season will have more walkers than any season before it, hopefully The Walking Dead can avoid that fate.”

TVWise reports that Season 6 will premiere in the U.K. on Oct. 12.

Dread Central calls the Season 5 Blu-ray “a must-own for all fans of the show. This nearly 12-hour collection is the definitive way to remember the season that rebounded The Walking Dead, kicked everyone in the ass, and said, ‘Yeah, we’re still that damn good!‘”

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