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EW Discovers Season 5 Secrets, Gale Anne Hurd Discusses TV vs. Film

This week, Entertainment Weekly discovers the secrets of Season 5, while Gale Anne Hurd discusses TV vs. film with The Daily Beast. Plus, Bryan Fuller is full of praise for Melissa McBride. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly reveals the “most interesting” Season 5 secrets it learned from the extra scenes and commentaries on the DVD and Blu-ray sets (available Aug. 25). MTV, Moviepilot and also have some of the “juiciest” details.

• Gale Anne Hurd tells The Daily Beast about the difference between TV and film, saying, “Television, especially in the cable world, is focused on telling character-driven stories that unfold slowly.”

• Producer Bryan Fuller, talking to Variety about genre shows, applauds Melissa McBride, “who consistently turns in Emmy-caliber performances every season and does not get recognized because she’s in a zombie show.”

• According to Entertainment Weekly, a Season 5 DVD commentary track reveals that a “corny” note that Scott Gimple buried with Rick’s bag of weapons in the premiere is “still out there somewhere.”

The Week highlights the show’s Oct. 11 return, noting that The Walking Dead “continues, like its titular zombies, to lurch right along; the show’s massive ratings scored it a sixth-season renewal all the way back in October 2014.”

• The Los Angeles Times presents an Envy Award to The Walking Dead‘s owl sculpture in Alexandria, calling it the “least-likely survivor of the zombie apocalypse.”

• The director of the documentary, Mankiller, tells NewsOK that she credits The Walking Dead fan base for getting funding for the project.

IGN takes a look back: “Filled with gut-wrenching choices, gut-munching zombies, and gut-busting laughs (just kidding!), these ten episodes represent the very best that The Walking Dead has to offer.”

Yahoo TV highlights a deleted Season 5 scene featuring Rick and Father Gabriel.

• Emily Kinney speaks with CBS Houston about being “sad to leave the show. I worked on the show for about four years or four seasons. I’d seen her grow, seen her change. There are a lot of parts of me that are like Beth.”

Undead Walking catches up with Michael Traynor, who says he likes playing villains because “usually, they have some of the best writing in a project, for one. And, for two, they are inherently more complex to figure out, hence more intriguing to play.”

Wetpaint honors the top moments of Carol, who has “expertly adapted to life in the post-apocalyptic world and now has as much (if not more) emotional and physical strength than any of her comrades.”

Dread Central checks out “a batch of new stills from the upcoming sixth season.”

What Culture lists The Walking Dead‘s 10 greatest anti-heroes, starting with Carl and ending with Carol.

Dread Central debuts the trailer for the Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD set that’s available Aug. 25.

Dread Central reports that the Season 5 limited-edition Blu-ray will be available on Dec. 1. According to, the set will feature an “asphalt walker.”

TheWrap reports that Sky, a movie starring Norman Reedus will compete for the Toronto International Film Festival’s first jury award next month.

Crave‘s review of Air takes note of Norman Reedus’ “excellent performance” and congratulates Robert Kirkman for “having the guts” to produce the movie.

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