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The Walking Dead Q&A – Christian Serratos (Rosita)

Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about her character’s sass and which useful skill would benefit her in the apocalypse.

Q: You look so much like your comic character! What’s been fans’ reaction to you? Have you gotten used to it?

A: If I’m at Target and someone says “Rosita” when talking to a family member, I instinctively turn. The fans’ reaction has been cool. I think everyone likes me? [Laughs] That’s all I can really hope for. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

Q: Rosita’s a pretty sassy gal. How do you bring that attitude to her character? Are you similarly forthright?

A: I think if you asked that question to my friends and family, they’d laugh because I do have that sassy nature. That’s something that’s just innately in me.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between you and her?

A: She’s remarkably brave. What I love about her is that she’s definitely a capable woman and is capable of taking care of herself. If she was alone in the apocalypse, she would manage very well and would be just fine. We had a city-wide blackout and I panicked and ran to Steven Yeun’s apartment for help, so she has a leg up on me when it comes to bravery. [Laughs]

Q: You mentioned not being physically prepared last season. What’s your favorite way to stay in shape?

A: Yeah, I definitely came onto the show aware that is was going to be physically demanding, but not quite sure of how extraordinarily physically demanding it was. This season, I made an effort to make sure I was more active and that I was eating better. The rest of the cast eats fabulously and I’ve been learning all these new and interesting ways of cooking and keeping myself well. I grew up dancing and on days where I’m feeling nostalgic, I will go to a ballet studio to dance. Then, of course, shopping.

Q: That’s cardio, right?

A: [Laughs] Yeah, that’s cardio. What’s interesting is that when we’re on set, we’re working out for 13 hours straight. I wake up the next morning and can’t do anything. So, the place that I get my work out in is at work.

Q: You mentioned being trained in ballet. How does that compare to Rosita’s grittiness? Could she be a ballerina?

A: [Laughs] You never know. She might have taken classes when she was a kid, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she will cut your head off when she needs to.

Q: Rosita’s got a lot of handy skills, like cleaning fish and making a water filter in Episode 507. Do you have any skills that would be useful during an apocalypse?

A: I shoot a traditional bow. I’ve been doing that for a while and apparently I’m very good at it. That might help me out.

Q: She’s also good at nursing Abraham’s wounds. Do you have any medical training? What’s the biggest medical procedure you’ve ever performed?

A: Unwrapping a Band-Aid. This is another huge difference between Rosie and me. She can take care of people very well. On set, I have phobias of blood. If someone even mentions they have a paper cut, I get nauseated. I don’t like to hear about people getting hurt because I will pass out. I watched them put the prosthetic on him and still, I needed to lie down before we shot it. Looking at it freaked me out.

Q: You’ve talked to Scott Gimple about Rosita’s back story. What was she doing before she met up with the group?

A: I know what her family situation might have been. What I was told is that she came from a family of just men. She might have lost her mother and grew up with a bunch of brothers. I think that’s where she gets a lot of her knowledge, strength and capability. I think Abraham sees an equal in her. What you look for in a partner now is exponentially different from what it was when the world was normal. He sees that she is capable and strong and that’s attractive to him. The fact that she’s so willing and interested in helping his mission probably attracts him more.

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