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Dead Deaths Remembered; Yahoo TV Wants Melissa McBride Emmy Nod

This week, the many poignant deaths on The Walking Dead are remembered, while Yahoo TV wants an Emmy nod for Melissa McBride. Plus, the show’s Comic-Con poster is revealed. Read on for more:

E! Online will never get over the deaths of Lori (“What was more depressing: her death or Carl having to shoot her to make sure she didn’t become a zombie?”), Sophia (“Viewers were so sure they would find her and then…they opened the barn door. Ugh.”) and Hershel (“That damn Governor…robbing us of our hopes and dreams!”).

The Orange County Register also remembers the demise of Lori (“We saw it coming, but that didn’t make Lori’s death any easier to take”) and Beth (“No death on this show is exactly shocking, but Beth’s accidental shooting mid-rescue came close”).

Yahoo TV wants an Emmy nod for Melissa McBride: “Not only did she play the badass warrior we know as ‘Scare’-ol, but she hid her more primal instincts underneath a flowery sweater to play nice as Carol the Cookie Lady for the citizens of Alexandria.”

The Hollywood Reporter features the show’s Comic-Con poster, speculating that it “hints at dueling factions within the confines of Alexandria,” with Rick on one side and Morgan on the other.

The Week recommends binge-watching The Walking Dead, which is “much more than just a horribly gory zombie saga.”

Melty and Fansided spotlight AMC‘s Q&A with Christian Serratos.

Fansided draws comparisons between Alexandria and Richard Adams’ Watership Down.

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