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The Walking Dead Q&A – Steven Yeun (Glenn)

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about Glenn’s evolution and what makes a good walker.

Q: How has Glenn evolved since we first met him talking Rick out of the tank way back in Season 1?

A: He’s changed quite a bit, but the core values of who Glenn is are still very much there. After finding love, he realized a greater purpose and he stepped up to the plate in a lot of situations. He was put through a lot of emotional and stressful situations and he always came out positive. He’s encountered so many people who’ve shaped him into the person who he is.

Q: You’ve been held hostage a number of times on the show. What was different about your experience in the Season 5 premiere with Gareth?

A: It was intense because I got to see what was going on. You look to your left and see someone being killed. For me, as an actor, I was blown away at what we were able to do, visually, and how well it was executed. It was stunning.

Q: Glenn insists on “doing what Rick does.” Would you want to follow someone during an apocalypse, or would you prefer to be the leader?

A: I think I’d end up in a leader role. I’m bossy and I’m the first-born in my family. You can ask my younger brother how bossy I am. [Laughs]

Q: You were a judge on The Walking Dead Zombie Audition in LA. What makes a good walker?

A: What makes a good walker is someone who’s all in. There are walkers on the shows who just continue to come at you. They just stay in the character and you’re just like, “OK stop!” Staying in character is a huge part of making a good walker.

Q: You’ve talked about the risk of being in love during the apocalypse. Is there a downfall of Glenn being so attached to Maggie?

A: There’s definitely a downfall to having an attachment to anyone or anything. Glenn and Maggie, though, are both very capable people and they’re very strong individuals. It’s not a damsel in distress situation. They’re two people who can handle their own.

Q: Glenn was relieved when Maggie learns she isn’t pregnant. How would things changed if the group had to care for two babies?

A: That would be be tough! If you look at how much work it is to keep Judith alive at this point – and ourselves – I’m sure it would have been very difficult.

Q: You’ve shared your fear of ghosts. Would you rather encounter the living dead or a paranormal experience?

A: Oh God. A zombie, for sure! Anything I can punch in the face is not nearly as scary as something where my fist would go through.

Q: [Laughs] Yeah, but what if zombie ghosts were a thing?

A: A zombie ghost?! Yeah, that’d be pretty bad. Really bad.

Q: Where’s the scariest place you’ve ever been?

There were a bunch of church retreats I’ve gone on with cabins that were definitely haunted. I can’t even describe it because I’ve sort of erased it from my memory.

Q: How was Season 5 been different from the first four for you?

A: Season 5 has been interesting. There are a lot of new characters and we’ve been able to delve into the characters this time around. Everyone’s making their own choices as we go along on this journey and it’s not a group situation. It’s very much about character moments. As an actor, it’s incredibly fun to play and as a viewer, it’s great to watch – especially when characters get to show who they are. The joy of the show, from my standpoint, is the fact that I get to work with really talented people. Everyone’s down to have fun and be in the scene together. You’re sitting there playing make-believe with each other. That’s essentially what we’re doing. It is some sort of work, but we’re just playing.

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