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Forbes Lists Dead Among Best TV of 2014; TODAY Awaits Midseason Return

This week, Forbes and others consider The Walking Dead one of the best things about 2014, while TODAY awaits the Feb. 8 midseason premiere. Plus, the show is up for one of the U.K.’s National Television Awards. Read on for more:

Forbes considers The Walking Dead one of 2014’s top series, calling “The Grove” the “best hour in the show’s history and one of those singular episodes that will be remembered for decades, a Sophie’s Choice of the Post-Apocalypse.”

Under the Radar‘s top TV show of 2014 is The Walking Dead, which is credited for “delivering, hands-down, some of the best entertainment of the year.”

• TODAY is looking forward to The Walking Dead‘s Feb. 8 return, when ” Rick, Daryl and the rest of our beloved, bloody bunch will start taking down walkers again.”

• The Independent reports that The Walking Dead is up for one of Britain’s National Television Awards in the multichannel category.

Press Play touts The Walking Dead, a show that’s “become more about the challenges of surviving a world without amenities than about stabbing extras in the head. Additionally, it takes the time to develop characters and yet doesn’t remain static in its narrative.”

• No. 7 on‘s Top 100 of Everything list is Carol shooting Lizzie, a scene that “depicted the ugly reality of the zombie apocalypse at its worst, and The Walking Dead at its best.” considers Melissa McBride (who’s “delivering one of the best performances on television”), Andrew Lincoln (“one of TV’s biggest stars in the last half-decade”) and Norman Reedus (who’s “managed to craft a performance that makes Daryl sympathetic and lovable”) three of the top actors on comic book TV shows.

The Huffington Post lists all that was good in pop culture in 2014, including “Bad-ass Carol” and “Tainted Meat.”

• In honor of Norman Reedus’ Jan. 6 birthday, The Huffington Post compiles the 11 best Daryl quotes. considers Robert Kirkman one of the 10 most influential comic book TV and movie industry professionals because he’s “enjoyed a success that’s helping to reshape the indie comics economy while building himself up as a TV and film magnate.”

Bustle makes new year’s resolutions for the characters on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead in 2014 shocked International Business Times, which says that “basically the hit AMC show had us sweating it out the entire season.” bids adieu to the major TV characters who died in 2014, including Lizzie and Mika, Gareth, Bob and Beth.

TV Equals watched The Walking Dead marathon and made five observations, including how much Carl/Chandler Riggs has grown over five seasons. considers Beth’s demise the top comic book TV show death of 2014 because Beth was “a symbol of hope and joy, and her fans…were hoping for something more out of her too-brief return.” Similarly, Beth’s death was one of‘s biggest stories of last year.

International Business Times calls Glen and Maggie one of TV’s hottest 2014 relationships, asserting, “With the odds against them…, the dirt-covered duo still manages to look into each other’s eyes and find some sort of faith in one another.”

Fansided ranks the top five survivor settlements on The Walking Dead, from the CDC to Woodbury and more, as well as the five most surprising deaths. reveals the five dead characters it misses the most.

• According to the Associated Press, one of the most popular Georgia film and TV tourist locations is The Walking Dead‘s Woodbury Main Street, located in Senoia, where “undead fan-demonium has spawned a thriving tourism trade.”

Mother Jones‘ roundup of its best 2014 interviews includes a quote from Greg Nicotero, who counsels aspiring zombies that it “sounds more glamorous than it is.”

Uproxx discovers that Norman Reedus appeared in the video for Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” noting, he’s the one “wearing the long black coat, and if you look really close, you can almost see the tears streaming down his face in memory of Beth.”

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