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BBQ Bob Named EW‘s Most Shocking TV Moment; E! Calls Dead TV Winner

This week, BBQ Bob is named Entertainment Weekly‘s most shocking TV moment, while E! Online calls The Walking Dead one of the TV winners in 2014. Plus, the drama is hailed as the best show on TV by several publications. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly‘s most shocking TV moment of 2014 is when Bob discovers that Gareth and the Termites are eating his leg. The scene from season 4, in which Carol tells Lizzie to “look at the flowers” ranked as one of the year’s Most Memorable.

E! Online names The Walking Dead, which “has managed to break its own insane ratings record, with the season five premiere attracting 17.3 million viewers, the show’s highest ratings ever,” one of TV 2014’s winners.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s year-end list of the top 10 shows includes The Walking Dead, saying “this creatively underappreciated existential zombie series has always been greater than its gore.”

• The Orange County Register ranks The Walking Dead as the best fall TV series of the year, reasoning that “in selecting my top series of the year, it came down to one rather basic question: Which was the hardest to wait a whole week to see again?”

Metro, discussing why The Walking Dead was 2014’s best TV show, declares the zombie drama is “that rare thing – a show which gets better as it goes on.”

Variety considers Carol’s rescue of the gang from Terminus, particularly when she “paints herself in zombie guts, and saves the day” one of the TV year’s best moments.

• The Los Angeles Times celebrates the rise of the character actor, noting that Norman Reedus “continues to be a god.” Similarly, the Toronto Star says that “the rise in the popularity of serialized character dramas has seen supporting actors not only share the spotlight but seize it,” citing Reedus’ Daryl as an example.

411mania names Melissa McBride a TV entertainer of the year, calling Carol the show’s “heart and soul” because McBride “has found a way to convey the emotions and dilemmas of the character in a way where the audience can somehow relate to the most unrelatable of circumstances.”

• Carol tops BuzzFeed‘s ranking of the most badass women on TV: “Despite being essentially evicted from Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group, Carol survived on her own and then completely saved Rick and co. from a group of cannibals.” Beth also makes the list.

The Oregonian picks Carol telling Lizzie to look at the flowers as one of 2014’s greatest TV moments and calls Melissa McBride “superb” in the scene.

• The New York Daily News remembers the TV characters that died this year, including Beth, Lizzie, Bob and Hershel.

• The St. Louis Post-Dispatch places The Walking Dead at No. 2 on its year-end top 10 list, explaining the show is “just that good, and by the way, it’s not really about the dead. It’s about the living.”

The Plain Dealer names The Walking Dead to its top 10 list: “For all of those bone-snapping, flesh-tearing, skull-smashing special effects, it essentially is a drama about what it means to remain human when faced with the most inhuman circumstances.”

• The Lincoln Journal Star considers The Walking Dead one of 2014’s best TV shows, declaring that the drama’s “not afraid to kill off major characters — except, maybe, for fan-favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus) — in order to advance a story. That’s saying something.”

• The San Antonio Express News commends The Walking Dead, which “came roaring back with blood-spurting shocks aplenty.”

The Walking Dead lands on Collider‘s list of 2014’s best comic book shows because “this season overall is the best The Walking Dead has been in the past couple of years.”

• The New York Daily News recognizes The Walking Dead as one of 2014’s 10 best TV shows, describing it as “an often-disturbing drama about how people adapt to situations for which they don’t prepare you in school.”

Unreality TV gives The Walking Dead an honorable mention on its list of 2014’s top TV shows, saying season 5 has “been filled to the brim with action, gore, and deaths.”

Comic Book Movie puts The Walking Dead on its must-watch list, observing, “With Terminus dealt with, it’s still not clear where this season is taking us, but the show is back to being a weekly must-watch.”‘s favorite show of 2014 was The Walking Dead, saying that “Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic drama has defied expectations for five years now, and it just keeps getting bigger and better.”

Variety reports that The Walking Dead was the most tweeted TV series in 2014 “by a wide margin.”

• One of the seismic shifts that changed entertainment in 2014, according to The Fiscal Times, was The Walking Dead beating the NFL “week after week, with 18-to-49-year-old viewers preferring the zombie show to the gridiron.”

• The National Post‘s list of the top 10 TV plot twists of 2014 includes “RIP Beth.”

Blogcritics and Screen Invasion share their opinions of The Walking Dead‘s best moments in 2014.

Undead Walking assesses each character’s current emotional state, now that “we have lost Beth and Bob from the group and we also have found out Eugene has been lying about a solution this whole time. We have gone through Terminus and dealt with the Hunters.”

National Post believes viewers can learn an important financial lesson from The Walking Dead: to conserve your resources, since each episode is “a lesson in rationing and resourcefulness.”

JoBlo spotlights several behind-the-scenes photos from Season 5.

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