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The Walking Dead Q&A – Emily Kinney (Beth Greene)

Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about the return of her character and what the show has taught her about killing zombies.

Q: Beth gets closer to Daryl last season. Did you and Norman Reedus bond more on set?

A: Definitely. I consider him a really good friend. When Beth and Daryl bonded, Norman and I did too because we were the only ones shooting during that episode. I trust him and feel that crossover in real life. He stays in the moment in such a beautiful way. It’s really inspiring.

Q: Daryl also gives Beth her first drink. Have you ever tried moonshine?

A: I tried moonshine with Scott Wilson, who played Hershel. He invited Lauren Cohan [Maggie] and I over during Season 2 when we were all starting out. We had apple fritters moonshine and it was delicious, but it’s very strong.

Q: After Beth was kidnapped last season, were you worried your character wouldn’t return this season?

A: I did know that she would return, but I wasn’t told anything about where she was and who she was with and how soon she would be found. I didn’t know any of that.

Q: What was your prediction for what happened to her? How far off the mark were you?

A: I was guessing all kinds of things. I was right about her needing some of the things that she had learned in Season 4, as far as the kind of environment she ends up in. I thought she needed to be a little more independent and tough. I had a feeling she’d be brought into a different society and a whole different group, but I had no idea about what the characters she came up against would be like.

Q: In Episode 504, “Slabtown,” Beth helps out around the hospital where she’s trapped. Could you envision a zombie hospital drama?

A: [Laughs] There were all these medical words and talk about medicine, and we all talked about what it’d be like to be on Grey’s Anatomy or a legal show with all that jargon. So in my mind, I definitely thought about a hospital show set in a zombie apocalypse. It was interesting.

Q: While at the hospital, Beth listens to some records with Dr. Edwards (Erik Jensen). As a singer-songwriter, do you have an affinity for vinyl records? Do you own any yourself?

A: I think it’s funny because now we can just download everything. I think ultimately we do like to feel and touch things. If we really love an artist, we want to have memorabilia. Owning an album is never going to be totally digital. When you play a record, it sounds different than playing your iPod. It’s a different feeling you get than when you put on your headphones.

Q: Your re-released EP “Expired Love” is out now…

A: One of the songs [on the EP] is actually a song I sang last year on the show. It’s called “Be Good” and I think a lot of The Walking Dead fans would be interested in that. I loved singing it so much on the show that I re-did it and I’m really excited about it.

Q: What’s one thing you would absolutely NOT eat, even during a zombie apocalypse?

A: Even though I’m vegetarian, during an apocalypse I’d do what I can to survive. But something about sweetbread is so gross. People eat that as a specialty in restaurants and I’m so grossed out by that. Bugs don’t even bother me that much.

Q: The elevator scene with Tyler James Williams (Noah) seemed pretty treacherous. What was it like shooting that?

A: It was very scary and really fun, once we got the hang of it. You’re in a harness, so the rope that you see us holding on to is not really holding us at all. The very first day of doing those stunts, I was in so much pain because of all the pulling and up and down. I was struggling, but I guess I got tougher the second day. I learned a lot doing that.

Q: Afterwards, you and Williams are surrounded by walkers. Was it scary to be around that many zombies at once, even though they were actors?

A: Yeah, especially during the scene where we get down the elevator shaft. That scene was shot so quickly because it was the end of the day and we were trying to get everything done. There was a tense feeling around the set and it was so dark when we were shooting. I loved shooting with Tyler. He’s amazing and is such a good actor. He’s a very calm, soothing person.

Q: What would you do if you were really trapped in a herd like that?

A: Stab them in the head and run away. That’s what I’ve learned.

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