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Scott Gimple Discusses Morgan With EW, THR; Season 5 Premiere Shatters Records

This week, Scott Gimple discusses Morgan’s presence with both Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter, while the ratings for the Season 5 premiere were impressive on every level. Plus, Robert Kirkman teases the next episode, “Strangers.” Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly talks to Scott Gimple about Morgan’s appearance in the season opener and how “it does seem like he is following something, like he’s walking towards something, that it’s the start of something.” Gimple also tells The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s a Morgan story to tell. It’s the beginning of something, but I’m not going to say what it is, or how involved it is.”

• The Season 5 premiere ratings set a new record, according to Vulture, with 17.3 million viewers, 11 million of whom fell into the 18 to 49 demographic. Entertainment Weekly adds that the show was the most talked-about episode ever, with more than 1.32 million tweets, and is also “one of the only shows in Twitter history to take up all 10 trending topics in the U.S. at once.” The New York Times notes that the show “shattered its own previous record as the most-watched drama in cable television history.”

• Robert Kirkman teases the next episode to Entertainment Weekly, saying that “we’re possibly going to meet some new people, and we’re going to see a new iconic location that’s a big deal in the comics, so that’s some juicy spoilers right there, right? And, uh, and everyone dies.”

• Kirkman and Scott Gimple also discuss the Season 5 opener with The Hollywood Reporter, with Gimple sharing that the group now has “a complete lack of trust, a wariness from strangers and probably a much more aggressive stance and aren’t hesitating.”

• Scott Gimple, “who runs TV’s highest-rated show,” is named one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s 50 power showrunners., IGN, Latin Post, Yahoo TV and Zap2it have accounts of The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con. According to Variety, the show’s cast and crew also opened this year’s PaleyFest New York. Vulture has the scoop on both panels.

• Gale Anne Hurd tells The Wall Street Journal that Terminus and its denizens were inspired by the Hunters from the graphic novel.

• Andrew Lincoln describes Season 5 Rick to The Hollywood Reporter as “brutal. I wouldn’t want to meet this guy on a dark night and cross him. He’s a very dangerous man.” Lincoln also discusses the opening episode with Zap2it and talks to The Daily Beast.

• Greg Nicotero shares with Entertainment Weekly his storyboards for “the biggest action sequence in the history of the show,” where Carol blew up a gas tanker, sent flaming zombies everywhere and started the raid on Terminus to free her friends. Nicotero also tells Entertainment Weekly he used Breaking Bad‘s Season 4, Episode 1, “Box Cutter” as a precedent for being able to go forward with the throat slitting scene in the Season 5 premiere.

Entertainment Weekly interviews Chad L. Coleman about the season premiere, and he says, “You can always depend on Tyreese. He’s going to handle business, and when he does, it’s pretty brutal.” Coleman also tells MTV about shooting the “incredibly intense” scene in the cabin.

• Andrew J. West chats with Entertainment Weekly about the “shocking” season premiere and how “after watching it myself I couldn’t quite get out of my seat right away when it ended. I had to let it all sink in for a moment.”

The Huffington Post spotlights “the 10 most OMG moments” from the Season 5 premiere, while BuzzFeed features the 18 most exhilarating moments from the episode.

Forbes is excited for Morgan’s return, calling him “one of the most intriguing and best-acted characters in the show.”

Bustle thinks Morgan “would be an undoubtedly valuable addition to the group not just for the sake of more manpower, but as someone else who can show that no matter what you go through, you can come back.”

Vox thinks the show’s best character is Carol, “someone of true vision and purpose, someone who can take out an entire burg of cannibals with only ingenuity, bottle rockets, and a herd of zombies at her side.”

• The New York Post lists seven things to look forward to this season on The Walking Dead.

• Josh McDermitt dissects the season premiere with toofab — and says Eugene’s speech about the cure was necessary because he “needed to get the others on his side for protection because as he said, he can’t take a dead one down with ‘sharp buttons and hella confidence.'”

The Hollywood Reporter asks Scott Gimple about the identity of the “large man” in the train car at the end of the episode who was tormenting Gareth’s people.

E! Online interviews Robin Lord Taylor about being part of the scene with the trough, the “grossest and most disturbing TV scene of all time!”

• Gale Anne Hurd tells Deadline what she’s reading: The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman and The Way Of The Knife: The CIA, A Secret Army, And A War At The End Of The Earth by Mark Mazzetti.

• Norman Reedus talks Season 5 with Entertainment Weekly and how Daryl “has less of a chip than he used to have on his shoulder, for sure. He definitely feels that he belongs with these people and he looks at himself differently. He has more confidence.”

Entertainment Weekly speaks with Danai Gurira, who says that, in Season 5, Michonne is “still evolving and settling into the idea that I’m now going to be a part of this team.” Gurira also shares with Us “25 things you didn’t know about me.”

Rolling Stone compiles its list of the 10 best episodes, “the cream of the zombie-apocalyptic TV crop.”

MTV compiles a supercut of “every single time a character says ‘Carl'” in the first four seasons because the survivors “have a tendency to worry about his safety, wonder where Carl is, and generally say his name while wondering and worrying. A lot.”

Allure gets the scoop from Greg Nicotero on creating zombies, a process that “takes four bottles of conditioner, ten gallons of ‘blood,’ and an assembly line of makeup artists to create an army of post-apocalyptic flesh-eaters each week.”

• Jon Bernthal, interviewed by Nuke the Fridge, talks about returning: “If there was an opportunity to come back on the show and it made sense and it was something that would really resonate with the storyline I would do it. I wouldn’t want to come back just to come back you know.”

Business Insider gets the scoop from Robert Kirkman on why the cast of The Wire has such a presence on the show.

• Viewing the prison for the first time at the end of Season 2 is one of WhatCulture‘s most-paused TV moments of the last decade because it “signaled the onset of the story’s best arc so far.”

Canoe looks back at the show’s five most memorable zombies “that have moaned, snarled and shambled their way through the show’s first four seasons.”

• For recaps and reviews of the Season 5 premiere, “No Sanctuary,” check out A.V. Club, CBS News,, Entertainment Weekly, E! Online, The Guardian, Hitfix, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, The Telegraph, Time, TVLine, Variety, Vulture and The Washington Post.

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