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New Cast Member Seth Gilliam Talks to EW; Danai Gurira Appears on Essence Cover

This week, Entertainment Weekly speaks with new cast member Seth Gilliam, while Danai Gurira appears on the cover of Essence. Plus, the cast tells EW how they’d like their characters to meet their demise. Read on for more:

• Entertainment Weekly interviews The Wire alumnus Seth Gilliam, who’s says that “this is the first time I’ve actually been on a show where it’s popular while it’s airing. And I was not prepared for that, and I’m not sure that I ever will be actually.”

• Danai Gurira, who appears on the cover of Essence in October, thinks TV is experiencing a golden age because “we’re allowed to see that more people are given a voice, and that is a beautiful thing.”

• Entertainment Weekly polls The Walking Dead‘s cast members to find out how they’d like their characters to go “if and when their time comes.”

• Entertainment Weekly unveils some character portraits, with new looks at Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Maggie and Glenn.

• Variety and check out the Season 5 poster, which features the slogan “Hunt or Be Hunted.”

Entertainment Weekly interviews Danai Gurira who says that Michonne is “a woman who does what has to be done, so that involves a lot of ferocity.”

• Josh McDermitt talks to SheKnows about Eugene’s mission and how it’s “fun to be the guy so pivotal within that group to provide the hope for these people that have just been pushed to the limits.”

• Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan tell Entertainment Weekly that Glenn and Maggie are better together than apart, with Yeun remarking, “I think the preference is to be together regardless of whether the circumstances are difficult. At the least, you’re with the person that matters the most to you in this world.”

• The cast tells Entertainment Weekly the special lengths Andrew Lincoln goes to in order to get that “rugged look.” Danai Gurira assures viewers it does nothing to take away from his “manly swagger.”

• According to Dread CentralThe Walking Dead will open PaleyFest in New York in October.

• The photographer behind the three The Walking Dead covers for Entertainment Weekly breaks down how the images came to life.

TVWise reveals that Season 5 will premiere in the U.K. on FOX on October 13. reports that Season 4 will be available on Netflix on Sept. 29, “just in case you were hiding out in a cave and missed it.”‘s Season 4 Blu-ray review says, “That we care so much about what happens to these characters comes from the absorbing writing, acting and direction – every episode is film quality, shot in 16mm and perfectly transferred to Blu-ray.” features some “interesting” deleted Season 4 scenes.

Wetpaint highlights AMC’s video about the show’s new Season 5 locations.

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