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McFarlane Toys’ AMC The Walking Dead Series 4 Action Figures On Sale Now

Following the success of its previous AMC’s The Walking Dead action figure lines, McFarlane Toys and AMC have teamed up to deliver an all-new series of action figures, available now in stores. Each human figure features the exact likeness of the actor by using a 3D scanning process. And just like the first, second and third series of figures, each zombie features unique play-action.

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Choose from the following all-new figures:

The Governor
The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town, the Governor plays the role of a hero. But beneath his well-meaning facade is a man capable of gruesome acts of violence. This action-figure includes 22 points of articulation, an alternate head without eyepatch, pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath and large knife.

Strong-willed and capable of dispatching walkers with ease, Andrea is an original member of the group of survivors led by Rick. This action-figure comes with 22 points of articulation, pistol with leg holster, sniper rifle and pitchfork from Hershel’s farm for fending off the undead.

Carl Grimes
As the youngest original Atlanta survivor, Carl has been forced to grow up brutally fast with little to no room for childhood amenities. Accessories for this figure includes 22 points of articulation, a hunting knife with sheath, prison medical bag, prison keys and a removable sheriff’s hat given to him by his father, Rick.

Riot Gear Walker
All walkers are dangerous, but some pose a greater threat than others. Covered from head to toe in body armor, the riot gear walkers prove to be difficult to exterminate. The Riot Gear Walker includes a flip-action helmet and Maggie’s knife for head-stabbing action.

Riot Gear Gas Mask Walker
The Gas Mask Walker features removable gas mask to expose skull. Pair with the Riot Gear Walker (sold separately) to form an armored walker threat like none the survivors have ever known!

Rick Grimes Exclusive
This Rick Grimes exclusive features the small-town sheriff’s deputy-turned-hero and leader in his Season 3 prison attire. Figure includes 14 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, removable revolver, rifle with strap, and an animal control stick (for walker catching). This exclusive figure is available at Walgreens, Hastings Entertainment, and Grosnor Distribution.

Dixon Brothers 2-Pack
In this new The Walking Dead TV 2-pack, Daryl and Merle Dixon have prove once again that blood is thicker than brain matter.

10-Inch Daryl Dixon
McFarlane Toys’ Daryl Dixon deluxe figure features the exact likeness of actor Norman Reedus taken from a full 3D scan. The 10-inch Daryl figure is portrayed in his iconic angel wings stitched biker vest and includes removable poncho, hunting knife, and crossbow.

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