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DeadYourself 2.0 is Live: Track Local Zombie Infections & Bite Your Facebook Friends

With the newly updated The Walking Dead Dead Yourself App, fans of the show can now see how many walkers are lurking locally as well as nationally. Select a state on the Domestic Infection Map and you can now see which cities have the highest infection rate. As of October 2013, the top ten states for walker infections are…

1. California: 1.5 million
2. Texas: 1.4 million
3. Florida: 1.005 million
4. New York: 850,000
5. Ohio: 769,000
6. Pennsylvania: 701,000
7. Illinois: 596,000
8. Michigan: 536,000
9. North Carolina: 473,000
10. Georgia: 471,000

Want to turn your friends and family into zombies? Check out the new #BiteMe component of the Dead Yourself app, which allows fans to infect Facebook friends and turn them into walkers.

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