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Robert Kirkman, Glen Mazzara on Midseason Premiere; NY Post Gives Four-Star Review

This week, Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara speak with various news outlets about the events of the Midseason Premiere, while the New York Post gives the show a four-star review. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter highlights the show in its article about the brilliance of television today. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly talks to Robert Kirkman about why viewers should expect “all kinds of awesome” for the rest of Season 3, while Glen Mazzara tells EW about the question going forward for the group. Sarah Wayne Callies also speaks with EW, about her surprising return.

Glen Mazzara shares his thoughts with New York and the Los Angeles Times about what happened in the Midseason Premiere, including what to expect from Hershel and Glenn.

The Hollywood Reporter and TV Guide conduct postmortems of the Midseason Premiere with Robert Kirkman.

The New York Post gives The Walking Dead a four-star review, while the Daily News gives it four out of five stars.

The Hollywood Reporter cites The Walking Dead (and Mad Men) as an example of the “surge of brilliant dramas on television.”

Entertainment Weekly reports on the Midseason Premiere‘s “jaw-dropping” ratings, drawing 12.3 million viewers and a 6.1 rating in the all-important demographic of adults between the ages of 18 and 49.

Andrew Lincoln speaks with Adweek about what he reads, watches and plays on his iPad, including his channeling of Rick Grimes to play Plants vs. Zombies.

Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira sit down with Larry King, who asks for a hint of what’s to come. Reedus also chats with The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Plain Dealer tries (and fails) to get some Season 3 scoop from Reedus.

Robert Kirkman talks to CNN about the rest of Season 3 and about Chandler Riggs, observing, “He’s a character that I would recommend people pay attention to and watch.”

Robert Kirkman also speaks with Access Hollywood, disclosing, “There’s quite a bit ahead that I think is going to qualify as a ‘jaw-dropping moment.” Access Hollywood catches up with David Morrissey, who discusses the Governor’s state of mind.

The Associated Press profiles David Morrissey, who discusses what’s worse than the zombie threat. Talking to Digital Spy, Morrissey compares the Governor in the TV show vs. the comic book. summarizes Morrissey’s conversation with SFX.

Steven Yeun is interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, which calls Glenn “a likable everyman, the closest thing to a romantic hero in an unrelentingly brutal apocalyptic world.” Yeun also speaks with Zap2it about Glenn’s evolution.

• Meanwhile, Lauren Cohan talks to BuddyTV and about what’s next for Maggie and Glenn. And, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch waxes poetic about Maggie and Glenn’s romance.

Gale Anne Hurd explains to Hypable that Andrew Lincoln had a “haunted quality about him” that ensured his casting as Rick — and also discusses Tyreese and Andrea. The Nerdist learns from Hurd about the cinematic look of the show. provides the highlights of the Q&A that much of the cast and crew did at the Academy of Television last week.

Comic Book Resources speaks with Greg Nicotero about the opportunities he’s had to direct episodes of The Walking Dead. “Being a director made me a better effects guy,” he says.

TV Duck compiles an infographic with 15 facts about The Walking Dead.

Co.CREATE interviews Glen Mazzara about how his previous career as a hospital administrator informs his showrunner duties on The Walking Dead.

E! Online explains why it’s “now worried for everyone on the show.”

Bonus Talking Dead content has Kevin Smith comparing Daryl to Han Solo: “He’s all attitude. He’s smooth. He’s crisp.”

• Last week’s episode of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation,” had a spoiler from Season 3, Episode 4, “Killer Within.” believes that The Walking Dead is “the stuff of great drama and great TV drama is exactly what it is.”

MTV talks to Robert Kirkman about the Season 3 limited edition Blu-ray case (“the coolest/grossest DVD case ever”), which features the Governor’s tanks of decapitated heads. FEARnet thinks this case is “even more amazing” than the Season 2 case.

Michael Rooker will guest-star on an episode of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters that will test zombie myths, according to Entertainment Weekly.

WhatCulture! lists the 10 things it wants to see in The Walking Dead‘s next eight episodes.

The BBC looks at the increase of Hollywood productions, like The Walking Dead, being filmed in Georgia.

CBS Man Cave Daily explains how The Walking Dead comic book, TV show and game can co-exist as “separate story arcs that refer to each other without ruining each other.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that The Walking Dead‘s March 1 PaleyFest panel will be screened in select movie theaters on March 7. Deadline has more details about the event.

Dread Central showcases The Walking Dead bookends featuring zombified limbs for viewers to check out.

Geeks Are Sexy spotlights The Harp Twins performing The Walking Dead theme song on the electric harp.

Paste highlights The Walking Dead‘s first soundtrack, which will be released March 18.

Sarah Wayne Callies blogs in The Huffington Post about her visit to a refugee camp in northern Iraq and her meeting with the women of the camp.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 3, Episode 9, “The Suicide King,” check out The Baltimore Sun, CNN,, E! Online, Forbes, HitFix, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, MTV, San Jose Mercury News, Slate, The Star-Ledger, TVLine, The Wall Street Journal and Zap2it.

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