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Top TV Moments Include Lori & Shane’s Deaths; E! Names Danai Gurira Breakout Star

This week, the dramatic deaths of Lori and Shane are ranked as some of the year’s top TV moments, while Danai Gurira is named one of E! Online‘s breakout stars. Plus, The Walking Dead is honored as one of 2012’s most outstanding shows by several publications, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the New York Post. Read on for more:

Slate names Lori’s death as one of the best TV moments because “it was brutal physically and emotionally, and it was more about the zombie apocalypse than the zombies.” Lori is one of the TV characters who died this year that the Chicago Sun-Times will miss the most. (No link) Meanwhile, The Huffington Post‘s OMG TV moments includes Lori’s fatal ending. The Arizona Republic calls Lori’s demise “a major shock,” while Blastr found the scene “heart-wrenching and horrible in the most spectacular way.”

The Chicago Sun-Times and Blastr rank Rick and Shane’s showdown as one of the year’s top TV moments. The former says, “We knew Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane’s (Jon Bernthal) mano a mano was coming, but that didn’t make this deadly, moonlit confrontation between the two former BFFs any less thrilling.”

E! Online interviews Danai Gurira and names her a breakout star of 2012, and calling her “as formidable a figure as Michonne.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch names The Walking Dead the year’s best show, calling it “completely satisfying in many ways that had nothing to do with zombies.”

The Walking Dead was one of the New York Post‘s favorite shows this year because “Sheriff Rick & Co., made us love the coming zombie apocalypse even while they/he killed off in the most horrifying ways, our favorite characters.” And, The Plain Dealer ranks The Walking Dead as one of 2012’s top programs, observing that “the human characters, desperately hanging on to what it means to be human, are what make this horror drama so compelling.”

The San Jose Mercury News rates The Walking Dead one of the year’s five best because “what makes this survivor saga so impressive is the way it works on a deeply human level,” while the San Antonio Express-News also considers The Walking Dead, which “became addictive all over again,” one of 2012’s finest shows.

The Walking Dead is one of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette‘s top two 2012 shows because it’s “a gripping study in what it means to be human,” and The Walking Dead, which “keeps getting stronger,” is one of The Orange County Register‘s best shows. (No link) Metro names The Walking Dead the year’s No. 3 show because “angry dudes,” like Andrew Lincoln’s zombie-fighting lawman, “obviously make the best TV.”

Zap2it considers The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 to be one of the year’s most outstanding TV episodes , citing it “as the perfect example of the bold choices that made this the strongest block of Dead episodes yet.”

The Tampa Bay Times names The Governor one of TV’s most compelling characters, calling him “a sly charmer hiding the iron fist he uses to rule Woodbury.”

The San Francisco Chronicle lists The Walking Dead in its observation that 2012’s best shows were all old favorites.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes The Walking Dead racked up 10 million viewers a week but laments, “We still miss T-Dog!”

The New York Daily News believes that conflicted characters, like Daryl, make TV shows more intriguing.‘s top five TV moments includes both Rick’s reaction to Lori’s death (“Andrew Lincoln’s complete collapse into a screaming, sobbing mess was an Emmy worthy moment”) and Merle’s return.

Ad Age reports that a popular cable show like The Walking Dead can draw enough viewers in the 18-to-49 demographic to challenge the broadcast networks when it comes to advertising.

The Detroit News anticipates the return of The Walking Dead, calling it “the most popular show in the history of cable television.” (No link) reports that The Walking Dead was No. 16 on a list of the most-visited TV-related pages on Wikipedia last year.

• According to TVLine, Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) has been cast in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

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