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Stephen King Names The Walking Dead One of Year’s Best; THR Examines the Show’s Strategy

This week, The Walking Dead lands on Stephen King’s and TV Guide‘s lists of 2012’s best television shows, and Today lauds Shane’s “double” death. Plus, Entertainment Weekly applauds the Midseason Finale. Read on for more:

• In Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King’s list of the best TV includes The Walking Dead, noting, “this continuing tale of human survival in Apocalypse American is still fascinating.” (No link)

The Walking Dead is one of TV Guide‘s top three shows this year because the drama “transcends genre conventions to confront the most unimaginable of terrors.”

People, describing Season 3 as “electric,” ranks the drama in its top five for the year. (No link)

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ranks the show at No. 9, observing, “This horror-drama creates a unique, believable universe and manages to tell stories that are grounded and feel authentic.”

Today‘s must-see moments of the year includes Shane’s “double” death in Season 2, Episode 12, “Better Angels,” which “perfectly highlights why AMC’s zombie drama is one of the best scripted shows on TV.”

Entertainment Weekly picks the Midseason Finale, “Made to Suffer,” as one of the year’s best episodes: “Season 3 of the zombie drama has been all about less chatter and more splatter, and the action was never more frenzied than in the show’s Midseason Finale.” (No link)

The Los Angeles Times considers the death of the Governor’s daughter one of the 10 great things on TV this year, noting that when she’s finally killed, “the governor’s grief takes on the proportions of Lear.”

The Hollywood Reporter examines how The Walking Dead went to No. 1 utilizing the bold strategy of killing off its lead characters.

• Andrew Lincoln writes in Entertainment Weekly that he killed a lot of zombies this year and some humans too — and acknowledges, “The problem is the lines are blurring a little bit between the walking dead and the walking live. So that’s a bit of a concern.” (No link)

IGN considers Norman Reedus’s Daryl to be the year’s best TV hero because “there’s always been one member of The Walking Dead‘s band of survivors who keeps a cool head and an even cooler crossbow.” IGN also names The Walking Dead the best sci-fi/horror series, noting that “Season 3 found The Walking Dead at its best and most confident place yet.”

The Chicago Sun-Times recommends The Walking Dead as one of the “hot” series to catch up on during the holidays, noting that “it’s so much more than a bloody horror show.”

The Walking Dead gets an “A” on the midseason report card from TV Fanatic.

Indiewire‘s best TV episodes of the year include Season 3, Episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” stating that the “sequence in which Merle turned a walker loose on the tied-up Glenn was one of the series’ best and most tense action sequences.”

• The Los Angeles Times cites The Walking Dead as an example of TV shows and movies that deal with a post-apocalypse life.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker are featured on the cover of the third issue of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine.

Zap2it has a parody of The Walking Dead as a Christmas special.

IronE Singleton’s “We Are The Walking Dead” rap is now available for download at his website.

Jon Bernthal has been cast as Robert De Niro’s son in a film called Grudge Match, according to Variety.

AMC has picked up Low Winter Sun, a TV series starring Lennie James (Morgan), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Emma Bell (Amy) talks to TV Guide about joining TNT’s Dallas.

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