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Washington Post Names The Walking Dead One of Year’s Best; Norman Reedus Chats With GQ

This week, The Washington Post names The Walking Dead one of the year’s best TV shows, while Norman Reedus chats about Daryl with GQ. Plus, Glen Mazzara tells TV Guide what viewers can expect in February when the show returns. Read on for more:

The Washington Post names Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead the best three TV shows of 2012.

Norman Reedus chats with GQ, which observes that “the Internet almost collapsed” when Daryl’s fate was left unknown in the Midseason Finale. Reedus also admits to MTV, “It doesn’t look good for Daryl right now.”

Glen Mazzara informs TV Guide that viewers won’t be disappointed when the series returns in February: “People will not be frustrated when they come back and they will get the story they’re expecting.”

Gale Anne Hurd says to about Andrew Lincoln, “In my humble opinion, an Emmy or SAG nomination for Andy is long overdue.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that “the extraordinary lure of zombies was too much for the competition,” as The Walking Dead became the year’s most-watched cable TV show.

TV Guide exults that the Governor is “now officially the sadistic, eye patch-wearing bastard we know from the comics.”

New York Magazine mourns the loss of TV characters this year, including Lori, T-Dog, Dale and Shane.

Robert Kirkman tells TV Guide he has no interest in explaining the zombie outbreak.

Variety cites The Walking Dead as “the poster child” for a series launching globally — and notes the drama is an “international smash that’s, appropriately, a monster.”

Comic Book Resources interviews Danai Gurira, who discusses Michonne’s different reactions to The Governor and Rick.

Chad L. Coleman tells TV Fanatic about how he ended up playing Tyreese.

Go to Screen Rant to vote for The Walking Dead‘s Season 3 as the best TV series of the year.

TheWrap highlights an AMC video looking ahead to the second half of Season 3, noting “much of the action will be spurred by The Governor’s ruthless retaliation for the attack on Woodbury.”

Ad Age points out why network shows will have a hard time imitating The Walking Dead‘s ratings success. If they do try, the drama “will have marked the start of another shift in the tone of content on TV.”

BuzzFocus lists The Walking Dead‘s most gruesome moments of Season 3 so far. chooses David Morrissey as one of its breakout stars of 2012, noting, “he has been a revelation in bringing to life a character in The Governor who presents a difficult challenge.” highlights memorable moments, including the “action and game-changing events,” from The Walking Dead‘s Season 3 so far.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that David Morrissey is on the cover of the new issue of The Walking Dead magazine.

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• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chandler Riggs has been cast in Mercy, a film based on a Stephen King short story.

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