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The Walking Dead Social Game – This Week’s Tip: How to Apply Skill Points

In the world of The Walking Dead Social Game, the skill points you earn really do count for something. But how you apply those points really depends on how you want to play. If you enjoy getting up close and personal with walkers, you’ll want to build up your STRIKING points which will improve your ability to use melee weapons. If your approach is to always keep walkers at a distance, you should up your SHOOTING points which will increase your proficiency with a gun. But life is more than killing zombies. Increasing the strength of your VISION will allow you to better spot nearby fuel and supplies (as well as walkers); upgrading MOVEMENT will expand how far you can move around maps on any given turn. If you’re constantly refilling your STAMINA, improving this stat will allow you to withstand more attacks from walkers. Creating a well-rounded character might be your key to surviving the apocalypse!


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