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The Walking Dead Social Game – What’s the Difference Between a Camp Mission and a Story Mission? How About a TV Mission?

When considering your next mission in The Walking Dead Social Game, it’s worth knowing the difference between camp missions and story missions. A camp mission costs less energy and requires no supplies. In fact, gathering fuel, ammo, and equipment is the point! Your success in these types of missions better prepares you for any story missions ahead. Story missions, for their part, further the narrative within the game and let you get to the next level. While you’ll need to use supplies and expend more energy to get ahead, you’ll also be building your skills at hunting walkers (like in the mission to track down Trucker’s backpack) or escaping tricky situations (like the mission in which you help Felipe find parts for his car). As to the TV missions, these show-based challenges see if the skills that you’ve built up from Camp and Story Missions put you at the same level as characters from the series.


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