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USA Today Dubs TWD Essential Viewing; Andrew Lincoln Is TVLine Performer of the Week

This week, USA Today deems The Walking Dead “essential” viewing, while Andrew Lincoln is TVLine‘s performer of the week. Plus, TV Guide rates Lori and T-Dog’s deaths as one of last week’s top moments. Read on for more:

USA Today calls The Walking Dead essential viewing, observing, “There’s no question Dead is one of the season’s best series.”

TVLine names Andrew Lincoln the performer of the week, citing Rick’s tortured reaction to Lori’s death. (Sarah Wayne Callies received an honorable mention for Lori’s “tearful farewell” to Carl in the same episode.)

TV Guide rates the demise of Lori and T-Dog the “Most Surprising Deaths” on TV last week: “It’s only Episode 4! That’s our exact reaction when not one, but two longtime survivors meet their maker on The Walking Dead.”

The Los Angeles Times learns The Walking Dead‘s philosophy from Robert Kirkman: “We think that’s really important to the show, to keep the audience off base.” GQ conducts a Q&A with Kirkman, who reveals that he has a soft spot for Carl. Kirkman also talks about Daryl with IGN: “We’ll be finding out a lot more about him moving forward, assuming he doesn’t die!”

• After watching Season 3, Episode 5, “Say the Word,” TV Guide has five burning questions, including “Is Carol really dead?” The Hollywood Reporter also has some urgent queries for Robert Kirkman.

The Boston Herald commends The Walking Dead‘s Season 3 for hitting “a gory stride by breaking all the rules for narrative drama.”

Lauren Cohan dishes to Entertainment Weekly about how Lori’s baby becomes “the messiah for the group and brings everybody together” and teases the upcoming showdown with the Governor. Cohan also tells E! Online that the Governor is “bad news. He’s very bad news for us all.”

Steven Yeun chats with ESPN about staying in shape to chase zombies and the ascendance of Jeremy Lin.

• Check out to see Anderson Cooper as a zombie during the newsman’s interview of Norman Reedus (who shares, “It’s hard not to look cool holding a crossbow”).

The Governor, AKA David Morrissey, speaks with The Guardian about zombies representing the frightening “idea that there is a non-negotiable enemy out there.” The New York Post talks to Morrissey about the Governor’s leadership qualities: “Very rarely in a leader do you get the whole package. Leaders in this world will promise you security but that security comes at a very high price.”

USA Today interviews Dallas Roberts (Milton) about appearing on the show, though Roberts doesn’t give much, if anything, away. Shock Till You Drop speaks with Roberts about being a fan of the comic book before landing The Walking Dead gig. Roberts describes Milton to Indiewire as “a quiet guy who just likes to tinker around with what he’s been given and work around the community. But that’s all I can really say for the moment.” Roberts is slightly more revealing with Comic Book Resources.

Danai Gurira opens up to The Root about comparisons between Michonne and women warriors in Liberia in 2003. In New York, Gurira also compares Michonne to some women she knows: “Very tough, very strong, they don’t tolerate a lot of BS, they’re not people-pleasers.” And, Gurira describes Michonne to the New York Daily News as “a puma. She senses everything around her and she always wants to be five steps ahead.” Gurira and Greg Nicotero discuss last week’s episode, as reported by Zap2it.

IronE Singleton discusses T-Dog’s death with and his feelings about leaving the show, saying, “I’m just so pleased to have been part of something so special and so historical.” interviews Michael Rooker, who talks a little about Merle’s Season 3 character arc.

Laurie Holden talks Woodbury and the Governor with The Hollywood Reporter.

Fast Company profiles Eulyn Womble, The Walking Dead‘s costume designer, noting she “deploys a psychologically driven arsenal of color, style, texture, and accessorizing” to enhance the show.

MediaPost calls Season 3, Episode 4, “Killer Within,” the “most powerful episode in the series’ three-year history and one of the most impactful hours of television this year.” thinks The Walking Dead has “officially joined the ranks of exceptional AMC TV with its third season.”

Adweek‘s short list of the hottest media properties includes The Walking Dead in the “Best reason to watch TV now,” “Biggest social butterfly” and “Show that keeps you on the edge of your seat” categories.

TV by the Numbers reports that last week’s episode was the highest-rated cable show on Sunday, recording a rating of 5.6 in the 18-49 demographic, up from from 4.9 last week.

• In the opinion of ARTISTDirect, The Walking Dead‘s soundtrack is “set to be one of the best TV has seen.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch observes that lots of TV characters have lost their limbs of late, including The Walking Dead‘s Hershel (leg) and Merle (hand).

According to The Detroit News, one lesson learned from the fall TV season is that “cable hits can whomp the pants off broadcast offerings” — with The Walking Dead as a prime example.

The Deadbolt compares Woodbury to Facebook “and the daily behavior within the walls of the massive social network.”

Fast Company reports on a study that examined the brains of people while they watched The Walking Dead.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Bear McCreary will score Da Vinci’s Demons, an historical action series that will air on Starz.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 3, Episode 5, “Say the Word,” check out The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Entertainment Weekly, E! Online, HitFix, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Slate, The Star-Ledger, Time, TVLine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Zap2it.

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