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The Walking Dead Social Game – This Week’s Tip: How to Use the New Maps

You can now explore new maps for both Chapters One and Two in The Walking Dead Social Game. By surveying the terrain, players are better equipped to scavenge for supplies (fuel and food) and to avoid life-threatening walkers. Checking out the surrounding area is easy. Just click then drag the background. When you move the map in any direction, you’ll be able to see areas beyond your screen. It’s a
great way to determine whether there are bonus supplies nearby which you can pick up while completing your overall mission. It’s also a useful technique to discover if there are a herd of walkers just around the corner. You can even see maps of interior locations, like the convenience store in the Burger Mission or the tents in the Setting Up Defenses Mission. By remembering to move your map, you stand a better chance of surviving in The Walking Dead Social Game.


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