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The Walking Dead on Facebook – 10,000,000 Fans and Counting


The Walking Dead now has 10 million Likes on Facebook. That’s a lot of fans! But just how big is 10,000,000? Consider this…

1. 10,000,000 is the number of breaths a person takes every year
On average, human beings breathe up to 20 times in a single minute. Multiply that by 60 minutes then by 24 hours then by 365 days and you’ve got about 10 million breaths per year. (Well, 10,512,000 breaths to be exact.)

2. 10,000,000 is the number of bricks in the Empire State Building
At a height of 1,250 feet, NYC’s landmark skyscraper consists of 60,000 tons of steel, 200,000 cubic feet of limestone and granite, 730 tons of aluminum and stainless steel, and 10 million bricks. Think of that as one brick per The Walking Dead Facebook fan!

3. 10,000,000 is the number of bicycles in Beijing
While Beijing’s population may have skyrocketed to 20,000,000 in the last few years, China’s second largest city actually estimates the number of bikes in the city is nearly half that, thereby giving the concept of “rush hour” a whole new meaning.

4. 10,000,000 is also the miles covered if you circled the world 402 times
The distance around the globe at the equator is about 24,900 miles. That means if you were driving non-stop at 60 miles per hour (using a car that could move across water, of course), you’d be traveling for 17 days to make the trip just once. Getting your speedometer to the 10,000,000 will take some time.

5. 10,000,000 is the estimate for how many insect species are on the planet
While you might first think this is referring to 10,000,000 actual insects, this stat actually refers to insect species! And of those species, only 1,000,000 are currently known to man. That leaves 9,000,000 discoveries ahead.

10,000,000 is more than the populations of either New York City (around 8.2 million) or Switzerland (7.9 million) or the annual number of visitors to the Louvre (8.5 million).

Within the Facebook universe, 10,000,000 fans is more than the number of Likes accumulated currently by American Idol (9.6 million), Tosh.0 (8.8 million), Star Wars (8.6 million) or the Olympic Games (3.7 million). It’s even more than Facebook Likes for Michael Phelps (6.4 million) or Paris Hilton (1.4 million). Just imagine what happens when The Walking Dead Season 3 arrives!

If you haven’t liked The Walking Dead on Facebook, isn’t it about time?

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