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Glen Mazzara Teases Season 3 to TV Guide; EW Showcases Prison Photos


This week, Glen Mazzara teases Season 3 to TV Guide while Entertainment Weekly has the first photos of the survivors in the prison. Plus, excitement is building for The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. Read on for more:

Of Season 3, Glen Mazzara promises to TV Guide that “people will say the show is moving too fast and it’s too packed.” Mazzara also shares with TV Guide that Glenn will again become “the resourceful, wily, go-getter of the first season.”

Entertainment Weekly shows off new photos from the The Walking Dead Season 3, giving fans their first look at the prison. Says Glen Mazzara, “What’s important to us is the prison itself is now a character in the show.”

Entertainment Weekly highlights this weekend’s The Walking Dead marathon, to be capped “by a stylish black-and-white version of the initial pilot.” Time is also excited to see the opening scene of The Walking Dead Pilot — “the best show opener I’ve seen since Deadwood” — in black-and-white.

Gale Anne Hurd talks to the New York Daily News about zombies in the news and at the lunch table.

The Huffington Post mentions The Walking Dead in its examination of pop culture’s zombie obsession.

The Guardian has an apocalypse survival tip from The Walking Dead: “Befriend a survivalist” like Daryl.

The Calgary Herald cites The Walking Dead Story Sync — which is up for a Social TV award — as an example of online integration that engages the viewers.

What Culture rates The Walking Dead graphic novel vs. the TV show in several categories. reports that Jeffrey DeMunn will star in a benefit production of King Lear, which will also feature Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer.

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