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Kirkman Talks With Comic Book Resources While Daryl’s Crossbow Shows Up in LA Times

TWD-S2-Norman-Reedus-Interview-325.jpgThis week, Robert Kirkman talks The Walking Dead with Comic Book Resources and Daryl’s crossbow is featured in a Los Angeles Times gallery. Plus, Jon Bernthal talks to The Futon Critic about his time on the series as Shane. Read on for more:

Robert Kirkman talks to Comic Book Resources about The Walking Dead graphic novel and feeling “extremely fortunate that people have grown to love the concept.”

The Los Angeles Times includes Daryl in a gallery celebrating the arrow as “the weapon of choice in pop culture this year.”

The Futon Critic speaks with Jon Bernthal, who says The Walking Dead was “a show that I deeply, deeply believed in. I felt so honored to be a part of it.” notes this week’s episode of NBC’s Harry’s Law featured Jon Bernthal, “if you miss seeing him on The Walking Dead.”

• To celebrate The Walking Dead‘s 100th issue, Comic-Con International will feature a zombie obstacle course, says The Hollywood Reporter.

• In USA Today, author Jennifer Armentrout (AKA J. Lynn) raves about The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus appears in a trailer for Night of the Templar, David Carradine’s final film (courtesy of Dread Central).

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