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Robert Kirkman Talks Danai Gurira As Michonne; E! Online Reveals Season 3 Detail

This week, Robert Kirkman talks about Danai Gurira playing Michonne and E! Online reveals a Season 3 character tidbit. Plus, Andrew Lincoln tells Digital Spy about the insanity of next season. Read on for more:

Robert Kirkman talks to MTV about Danai Gurira playing Michonne: “That role is going to be absolutely grueling. It’ll put her through her paces. She’ll have to do a lot of sword work.”

E! Online spoils that The Walking Dead Season 3 will see the survivors meet up with “a studious and fastidious man” named Harold, who is the exact opposite of Shane.

Digital Spy interviews Andrew Lincoln, who talks about how “insane” Season 3 will be and how playing Rick is “one of the coolest jobs” he’s ever had.

The Star-Telegram speaks with IronE Singleton, who speaks about the dichotomy of The Walking Dead: “It shows the worst in us, but it also shows the very best in us.”

Sabotage Times includes Dale in its list of the most heartbreaking fictional deaths of all time: “RIP Dale, you are better off out of it Sir.”

• Peter Konz, newly-drafted by the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, tells The (Wisc.) Post-Crescent that he “really want[s] to be on the set of The Walking Dead.”

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