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The Walking Dead Panel Teases Season 3; Steven Yeun on Post-Apocalyptic Preparedness

This week, Robert Kirkman talks about Season 3 at a panel for The Walking Dead and Steven Yeun isn’t sure about his chances during a zombie apocalypse. Plus, Lauren Cohan explains why Rick had to kill Shane. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter attends a panel for The Walking Dead featuring members of the cast and crew. Robert Kirkman shares, “The good stuff is coming, the really intense stuff with Michonne, the Governor and Woodbury [prison] really defined the comic book series and we haven’t even gotten to that stuff yet.”

Comic Book Resources reports that Steven Yeun isn’t sure how well he’d do in a real zombie apocalypse: “I was raised on the rough and tumble streets of Troy, Michigan… I know how to order a really solid plate of spaghetti — I think I’d be… helpful.”

Lauren Cohan tells Screen Rant why Rick had to kill Shane: “I think Shane wanted him to do it. I think he was egging him on to do it. They couldn’t both wear the crown so to speak.”

Vice interviews The Walking Dead Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic, who explains his work as, “Adding something counter-intuitive or something that has another angle to it will often create a really interesting dynamic in the scene.”

FOX 5 Atlanta reports that The Walking Dead fans are visiting Elders Mill, the old stone works in Georgia’s Coweta County that was featured in the Season 2 Finale.

TVOvermind wonders if the void left until The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere can be filled by TNT’s Falling Skies.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Danai Gurira’s (Michonne) play, The Convert, is now being performed at Los Angeles’ Kirk Douglas Theatre.

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