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The Walking Dead Personality Test – The Results Are Revealed

By now, you should’ve already taken The Walking Dead Which Character Are You? Quiz. (If not, please do so!) So you personally know who you would be if suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse. But as Rick can attest, strength comes in numbers. Which prompts the question: What kinds of survivors are your fellow fans? has sifted through the results to present you with The Walking Dead community’s apocalyptic profile.

1. Dale – 21.81 percent
2. Rick – 20.65 percent
3. T-Dog – 19.19 percent
4. Andrea – 12.54 percent
5. Glenn – 11.89 percent
6. Shane – 4.49 percent
7. Lori – 3.71 percent
8. Daryl – 3.22 percent
9. Carl – 1.00 percent
10. Carol – 0.85 percent
11. Walker – 0.64 percent

It seems, as a group, the fans value the wisdom of years and level-headed leadership, with Rick and Dale in a near dead heat for first place. And while the Walker is currently bringing up the rear, remember that undeath can come without warning. Take The Walking Dead Which Character Are You? Quiz again and see who (or what) you’d be the second time around.


The Walking Dead returns with all-new episodes Sun., Feb. 12 at 9/8c on AMC.

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