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Norman Reedus Chats With Chicago Tribune; The Wall Street Journal Praises Steven Yeun


This week, the Chicago Tribune chats with Norman Reedus about winning its Top TV Character tournament and the Wall Street Journal is excited about Steven Yuen’s Glenn. Meanwhile, several publications highlight the return of the show’s second season next month.

Norman Reedus thanks the fans for voting him the top TV character in the Chicago Tribune‘s tournament, enthusing, “Yeah, I won. Woo!”

The Wall Street Journal heralds The Walking Dead for featuring “plenty of screentime for Steve Yuen as resourceful survivor Glenn — and even gave him and Maggie a little Night of the Loving Bed.”

The Contra Costa Times highlights the return of The Walking Dead‘s “highly rated second season” in its round-up of what to watch. Yidio advises of The Walking Dead, “If you’re not caught up yet, get ye over to Netflix and get there. This show is about to get off the chain…” FEARnet features The Walking Dead‘s Feb. 12 return in its midseason horror preview, noting the show will be “more decayed than ever.” offers a top 10 list of The Walking Dead‘s best scenes. Number one is the death of Otis, followed by the death of Sophia.

io9‘s best TV moments of the year features The Walking Dead‘s Season 2 Premiere for “reintroducing Daryl as the greatest part of this series.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch lauds The Walking Dead as one of the year’s 10 best TV shows.

The Walking Dead appears on Scripps News‘ list of TV’s best.

The Walking Dead makes the Detroit News‘s year-end ranking, praised for being “not only riveting, but surprising.”

The Walking Dead makes the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press‘s top five: “When the littlest and final zombie was revealed — a collective gasp was shared by all.” considers The Walking Dead to be the year’s best comic book television: “It’s a fantastic show in almost every way, comic book origins or not.”

Tulsa World‘s year-end round-up highlights the rise of The Walking Dead, which “signaled the return of another brilliant cable series to AMC.”

The Macon Telegraph‘s top dramas includes The Walking Dead: “The final moment — Rick shooting the zombified Sophia — was one of the most stunning scenes on TV this year.”

The Walking Dead is one of ShockYa‘s top shows of the year: “The gory realism, along with the intense human drama of basic survival, makes this show a must-watch.”

• Looking back on the year in zombies, says, “The Walking Dead blew us all away with its second season this fall, redefining zombies for the small screen.” Examiner also commends The Walking Dead for working “on so many levels; suspense, horror, and the very fight for survival.”

The Joplin (Mo.) Globe lists The Walking Dead as one of the year’s winning TV shows: “The zombies played second fiddle to the survivors in the first half of the second season, but by the time the door to Hershel’s barn swung open, all complaints vanished.”

The Ottawa Citizen credits The Walking Dead with making 2011 “the best year for zombies since Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 1983.” awards a Couchie to The Walking Dead for best drama, calling the show “a triumph.”

The Macon Telegraph asks if readers would rather face the zombie apocalypse with the crew from The Walking Dead or Shaun of the Dead.

TheWrap makes note of The Walking Dead in its tally of five TV dramas this year with storylines involving dead or endangered children.

Ad Age reports that The Walking Dead returns to the list of top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, thanks to the New Year’s Eve marathon. reviews The Walking Dead board game, concluding, “By the end I was pleasantly surprised how much fun the game really is.”

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