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What You’re Saying About the Search for Sophia

Sophia’s disappearance during The Walking Dead‘s Season 2 Premiere (which you can watch online for free for a limited time) elicited fierce debate among the commenters, who debated over how long one should spend searching for her — if at all.

• “Statistics today say that after the first 24hrs of a child abduction that child is likely to be dead, so what would you expect during a zombie apocalypse?” — Jeanna Shaw

• “Any one who would leave a helpless child out to be eaten, deserves to thrown to zombies themselves!” — CMH B.Conner

• “If my group and I are as secure there as anywhere else in a defensible position that also offers opportunities for acquiring and replenishing supplies I would search as long as there is a chance that the child could survive the weather and elements.” — Grammie

• “If it was my kid I would look until they were found but I sure would not expect others to look with me.” — mombie

• “These people, as dysfunctional as they are, are a family of sorts. It don’t matter that the little girl is not blood they stick together no matter what.” — John Euard

• “Real Zombie apocalypse? Not searching at all!! I’m not dying for someone else!!” — Pirate Natty

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