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What You’re Saying About Talking Dead

Fans already eager for the return of The Walking Dead were enthused by AMC’s announcement last week that a live after-show, Talking Dead, is in the works for Season 2. Here’s what they had to say.

• “Will the Zombies be answering the questions ‘RURRUUUGH ARRGH’, or ‘BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS’?” — Thomas Gatto

• “I find this a great idea! This will give the viewers the chance to get questions answered right away after the show broadcasts.” — Rod Kosatka

• “I was already too excited for TWD Season 2 and now this, THIS!!! Just got that much better” — VeeRex Cortez

• “Anyone else happy about Chris Hardwick hosting the show? He’s funny…” — Glenn Weber Jr

• “The Nerdist and The Walking Dead, all in one awesome package. I think I can die happy now.” — Jeanette Dubesa

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