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What You’re Saying About Rick Finding Out About Lori and Shane

The commenters this week addressed one of the pressing questions from Season 1: How will Rick discover that Lori and Shane had an affair, and what will the fallout be?

• “I think, in the show, Rick found out before they left the CDC. Just before they escape the doctor whispers something in Rick’s ear… I think that Lori is pregnant and the doctor told Rick.” — Jetta Jim

• “Rick walks into a conversation again, between Shane and Lori. And Shane tells him blunt out. We will have to see, though.” — rubster

• “[Lori] got herself backed into one hell of a corner and so does Shane. He messed around with his best friend’s wife for Heavens sakes! There’s bound to be a huge fight coming.” — RiverBoatQueen

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