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TV Guide Gives Season 2 Details; Bernthal Discusses Shane’s Mortality With Sky TV

There was life before the zombie apocalypse and this week Sarah Wayne Callies promises TV Guide that viewers will get to see some glimpses of it during Season 2, while Sky TV quotes Jon Bernthal reflecting on the possibility of Shane’s death.

TV Guide chats with Sara Wayne Callies and reveals there are some flashbacks coming up in The Walking Dead Season 2 that focus on Lori and Shane’s pre-zombie-apocalypse life.

Sky TV has video of the cast and crew including Jon Bernthal, who discusses the possibility of his character Shane’s death: “That worrying and that possibility that it might all come to an end? You gotta let that service you because that’s the world that we’re trying to live in.”

MTV cheers news that The Walking Dead‘s Special FX Makeup Artist Greg Nicotero is directing a series of webisodes, claiming it’s “got the makings of a delightfully disturbing way to pass the time before the dead rise again on AMC this fall.”

• The Arkansas Democrat Gazette addresses the naysayers who aren’t into zombies and recommends, “There is compelling human drama here as our little bank of survivors struggles on.” (No Link)

The Newnan (Ga.) Times-Herald writes about the The Walking Dead‘s Oct. 16 season premiere and details some recent Atlanta-area filming locations.

Sharif Atkins of USA’s White Collar talks to TV Grapevine and tells them The Walking Dead is one of two shows he’d “love to have some form of a role on if it ever came to be.” (The other? Breaking Bad.)

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