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What You’re Saying About the Season 2 First-Look Video

Commenters this week were abuzz about The Walking Dead Season 2 First Look video that aired during Breaking Bad‘s premiere. For some it was the perfect taste to sate their zombie-bashing hungers; for others it was a bittersweet tease. For everyone, October can’t come soon enough.

• “It was a great sneak preview. Something new seen? Check! Nothing spoiled? Check.” — Rick Wiles

• “Loved the way he threw that rock at 2nd walker like it was a baseball.” — Tim Riley

• “Looks more like the Rick we saw in the comic books… hell yes.” — Michael English

• “Alone, out of ammo, armed w/only a rock, stalked by walkers… OK, come on, October; let’s get to it!” — Becca Collins

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