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TV Guide Speculates Over Season 1 Cliffhanger; Kirkman Talks Season 2 With MTV


This week, TV Guide talks to Robert Kirkman about one of Season 1’s biggest cliffhangers — What did Dr. Jenner whisper to Rick? — and chats up new cast member Lauren Cohan, who will be playing Maggie in Season 2.

• What did Dr. Jenner whisper to Rick in the Season 1 finale? TV Guide runs its theories by Robert Kirkman, who admits at least one is partially correct.

Robert Kirkman reveals to MTV that “filming is now taking place in a top secret location in rural Georgia, far outside of Atlanta.” Kirkman also tells io9 about his recent set visit.

Comic Book Resources and HDR cover a new behind-the-scenes video of Robert Kirkman visiting the Season 2 set.

Lauren Cohan talks to TV Guide about her role in The Walking Dead as Maggie: “She wears jeans, kick-ass boots and rides a horse. She’s very steely and views Glenn as a leader and the cutest of the bunch.”

The Walking Dead lands on PopMatters‘ list of TV shows to watch on DVD this summer, noting that Damon Lindelof has said the graphic novels were “a huge influence on how they wrote Lost.”

Frank Darabont’s interview with gets some play from the New York Post and io9.

• What’s it like being a professional zombie? Check out The Walking Dead extra Sonya Thompson’s comments to the Miami New Times.

io9 is looking forward to The Walking Dead‘s Comic-Con appearance: “Let’s hope they screen some new footage, because the trailer for the premiere season was the highlight [of] the con last year. Wherever it is, get there early.”

Dread Central highlights the film Night of the Templar, which stars Norman Reedus as well as the late David Carradine — though there’s no distribution news yet.

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