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What You’re Saying About New Cast Member Pruitt Taylor Vince

This week fans hailed The Walking Dead‘s casting of Pruitt Taylor Vince, who will bring his acting chops to Season 2 as Otis, the foreman at Hershel’s farm. Here’s what commenters had to say about the news.

• “YESSSSS! Pruitt Taylor Vince is one of my favorite actors. I hope his character is in it for the long haul.” — Karen Thomas

• “He plays good creepy characters.” — Crystal Hossley

• “Looking forward to see Pruitt Taylor Vince in this show!! Great casting!” — Aldo Verhoeve

• “Love Pruitt Taylor Vince’s darting eyes! He’s always fun to watch and creates a great character.” — Susan Gabel

• “I have to say that Pruitt is one of those actors that in almost no matter what role he is in, he sticks out in a good way.” — Bradley J D Burns

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