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No. 2 on the Food Chain, No. 1 in Your Heart… Which Walking Dead Character Is Your Favorite?


In just six episodes of The Walking Dead, you’ve gotten to know the survivors pretty well: You know that Rick is a natural leader, his wife Lori a fiercely protective mother, his partner Shane a loyal, hot-headed sidekick. Furthermore, you know Glenn is great at getting out of tight situations, and that Andrea can be be tough when faced with a crisis and that Dale has no shortage of fatherly wisdom. As for Amy, you know she was was the picture of youthful innocence before the walkers got her. Given how well-informed you are, the time has come to choose: Who is your favorite survivor in The Walking Dead? Cast your vote — and broadcast your choice to your friends — by clicking the Facebook “like” button on any of the portraits in The Walking Dead character gallery. (If you want to vote for a walker, you can do that too!)


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