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U.K.’s Independent Touts The Walking Dead; Hurd Talks International Premieres With NYT

The Walking Dead‘s rebroadcast in the U.K. this week prompts the Independent to review the drama, while Gale Anne Hurd speaks to the New York Times about the factors that prompted the show’s international release.

The Independent calls The Walking Dead, currently airing in the U.K., “a splatter-fest with the occasional satirical touch.”

A New York Times article about shows premiering internationally quotes Gale Anne Hurd, who says of The Walking Dead, fans are “not going to wait months and months and months for something that they’re that eager to watch.”

Michael Rooker chats with his hometown paper the Chicago Tribune, and says of The Walking Dead‘s second season, “I’m not sure when, but when I do get back there will be hell to pay!”

Wired reports that Michael Rooker is one of the stars of the upcoming “Escalation” map pack for Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.

CraveOnline‘s list of the best action-packed films includes 1999’s The Boondock Saints, which stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery.

Fangoria reports that Greg Nicotero has expressed interest in doing the special effects for writer/director David Gebroe’s werewolf film, Bad Vibes.

Emma Bell speaks to Digital Spy about her role as a town preacher’s wife in the NBC drama, Reconstruction.

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