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What You’re Saying About Rick Grimes As a Zombie Hunter

Spurred by AMC’s Zombie Hunter Tournament, the commenters this week considered Rick Grimes’ qualities when it comes to killing the walkers that infest his post-apocalyptic world.

• “Rick Grimes has his police training back ground, he has shown that he is a survivor & fighter… he adapts well to situations when things go from good to utterly insane. Rick has morals, compassion, level headed mentality & he is good with guns.” — svg23

• “Rick is a leader. When the zombies come, I want him by my side.” — pduthoy

• “Rick Grimes is a good and well-developed character. However, I find that he makes some pretty huge mistakes that you cannot make in the Zombie Apocalypse without paying severely for them.” — Saiga-12

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