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What You’re Saying About the Most Memorable Walker Kills

The commenters this week weighed in on the best walker deaths perpetrated by Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors, explaining why each resonated so much.

• “Definitely for me it has to be when Andrea said goodbye to Amy. Perhaps one of the strongest and emotional walker death scenes of the first season.” — Steph

• “The most memorable moment for me was when Morgan tries to kill his wife. He knows it’s the right thing to do, but after he determines to do it and collects enough ammo to do the job and gets the walkers’ attention so that she will show up, he realizes that he just can’t do it.” — Carol

• “Rick shooting the little girl holding the bloody teddy bear was the most memorable for two main reasons. 1) It is the show’s opening scene that sets the tone for everything that follows. 2) It is one of the most violent kill scenes involving any character, living or dead, I’ve seen anywhere.” — rawheadrex72

• “I realize that I am in the minority on the ‘front yard kill’ when Rick bludgeons the walker with a baseball bat, but do you know how often I’ve wanted to do that in real life?” — angel keller

• “When Rick killed ‘Bicycle Girl’, it gave a real humanity to his character that I can’t forget.” — Horsecam

• “Norman’s (as Daryl) double-axe decap is the coolest. It reminded me of those razor commercials where the first blade lifts the ‘stubble’ and the second one gives the close cut.” — API_Hyde

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