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EW Talks Season 2 With Kirkman; LA Times Predicts Emmy for Lincoln


This week Entertainment Weekly talks to Robert Kirkman about Season 2, while the Los Angeles Times thinks Andrew Lincoln could get an Emmy nomination come July.

Entertainment Weekly has Season 2 (and Season 3!) spoilers from Robert Kirkman on Tyrese, Michonne, the Governor and more.

The Los Angeles Times predicts an Emmy nomination for Andrew Lincoln thanks in part to Bryan Cranston’s (AMC’s Breaking Bad) absence from the race this year.

Entertainment Weekly quotes Andrew Lincoln on Season 2: “The CDC was their big hope and that’s gone so the future is bleak but humans also have a strong survival instinct.”

• Gale Anne Hurd appears on Last Call with Carson Daly and defines her job as a producer: “The godmother, the cheerleader, sometimes the person who has to be the dominatrix.” (No Link)

Film Music Magazine interviews The Walking Dead composer Bear McCreary, who explains on AMC’s show he “used a lot more electronic textures, to blend in with the smaller string orchestra we recorded each week.”

Director Edgar Wright tells that Frank Darabont has asked him to direct a Season 2 episode, though he might not do it. points to The Walking Dead in its argument that kid monsters are scarier than adult monsters: “The scariest zombie from The Walking Dead? That first little girl, hands down.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray/DVD set debuted at No. 2 on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert national home video sales chart for the week ended March 13 and debuted at No. 3 on the dedicated Blu-ray Disc chart. It was No. 5 on Rentrak’s DVD sales chart for the week, UPI reports.

• There was more Blu-Ray/DVD-related press, from (“It’s gory enough to satisfy hard-core horror junkies and smart enough to qualify as one of the best shows on TV”) and The Ottawa Citizen. Mania notes, “the mere fact that any network even put on a show about a zombie apocalypse shows that they believed in it strongly.” The Vancouver Sun, the Bellingham Herald and also like the show. reports that you can catch Jon Bernthal on stage in Los Angeles starting later this month in a production of Small Engine Repair.

Zap2it‘s review of the trailer for the film Super-8 mentions Noah Emmerich, “who had a memorable turn as a disillusioned NIH scientist at the end of The Walking Dead‘s first season. Emmerich has also been cast in a pilot for NBC’s S.I.L.A., Deadline Hollywood reports. features the The Walking Dead‘s Season 1 behind-the-scenes photos, saying they remind “viewers how much work goes into a production as complicated as The Walking Dead.” and The Daily BLAM! have them too.

A Los Angeles Times article mentions The Walking Dead in its discussion on TV channels using new ways to help publicize their shows, explaining how the online motion comic “spread the apocalyptic concept to genre fans and those unfamiliar with the show’s origins as a cult-favorite comic book.”

• Norwegian zombie fans, rejoice. Broadband TV News reports that the Fox Crime channel is launching in Norway and has secured the rights to The Walking Dead.

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