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Have a Favorite Amy Quote? Let Us Know

What would you get if you take an average American teenager and place her in the center of a zombie apocalypse? Probably something pretty close to Amy — a college undergrad who bemoans the loss of modern amenities (“I miss my iPhone. And my computer. And texting!”), is quick with a sarcastic comment (“You are so weird…”) but most importantly remains fiercely devoted to her sister. She left the world of the living too soon, but not before bestowing upon the survivors some much needed levity — not to mention a few memorable one-liners. Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. (All submissions must include the episode from which the quote is taken). We’ll randomly choose one contributor to win a The Walking Dead prize such as a keychain or a flashlight. In addition, your entries could end up being saved for posterity on the The Walking Dead site.

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