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What You’re Saying About Flashbacks You’d Like to See

The commenters this week compiled a wish list of events referred to in Season 1 that they’d like to see represented in future flashbacks.

• “[The] Dixon brothers’ first encounter with Walkers. Morgan, his wife, and Duane fleeing from their hometown… The military’s battle to protect Atlanta, how they got over-run, and the unsuccessful mass exodus of the population.” — Dee

• “I would also like to see a flashback of Shane, Lori and Carl’s escape to Atlanta… there’s still some unanswered questions I think pertaining to that.” — Angela52376

• “I am dying to know how the original group at the campsite came together. Did they escape from Atlanta together? Did they all have the same idea to camp at the quarry and decide to combine resources? I’d also like to know what kind of trouble Merle was causing at camp before Rick came along.” — Quirkydi

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