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The Walking Dead Survival Test – What the Results Say About the Fans

By now you’ve inevitably taken The Walking Dead Survival Test so you know how you’d fare should the zombie apocalypse come to pass. But where do you stand in relation to your fellow survivors? Are you an Alpha Male or an Emotionally-Scarred Loner? has pored over the results to present you — the The Walking Dead community — with your group profile. (From the looks of it, the majority of fans look to be a resourceful crew.)

1. Natural Leader (Rick): 33.6 percent (190,202 votes)
2. Walker: 21.76 percent (123,215 votes)
3. Father Figure (Dale): 15.5 percent (87,798 votes)
4. Alpha Male (Shane): 10.96 percent (62,071 votes)
5. Youthful Sidekick (Glenn): 5.67 percent (32,092 votes)
6. Hillbilly Survivalist (Daryl): 4.6 percent (26,051 votes)
7. Tough Chick (Andrea): 3.09 percent (17,478 votes)
8. Strong Mom (Lori): 1.79 percent (10,115 votes)
9. Emotionally-Scarred Loner (Morgan): 1.71 percent (9,711 votes)
10. Inexperienced Kid (Carl): 1.32 percent (7,477 votes)

There you have it, folks. Not unlike in the real apocalypse, the strongest survive. And not unlike in real life, you want a starring role if you end up in a TV show. Curious which character/type you’d be the second time around?


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