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What You’re Saying About Season 2 Cast and Characters

The commenters this week looked ahead to Season 2, sharing their hopes for which characters from the graphic novel should be added, and who should play them.

• “I’d love to see Erik King cast as Tyreese. Loved him in Dexter the first couple episodes.” — Quirkydi

• “I mentioned Christopher Eccleston earlier (the military commander from 28 Days Later). Not sure who I’d have him play…not sure any role in the GN fits him, but I suppose they could write in a role for him.” — Angela52376

• “Michelle Rodriguez who played the macho Latina on Resident Evil would make a great samurai. Robert Carlyle who played the evil dad in 28 Weeks Later would make a fine villain.” — Richard Morton

• “James Cromwell as Herschel.” — Ron Salkeld Jr

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