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Variety, THR Chat With Hurd; Lincoln Predicts Blood, Sweat and Tears in Season 2

This week Gale Anne Hurd shares Robert Kirkman’s Simpsons-esque vision for The Walking Dead while Andrew Lincoln plays prognosticator for Season 2.

• According to Variety, Gale Anne Hurd claims that Robert Kirkman is eager for The Walking Dead to air many, many seasons: “Robert Kirkman has said that he hopes it’s the series that challenges The Simpsons.” (No Link) In The Hollywood Reporter, Hurd remarks, “Given the fears in the world today, a zombie apocalypse series was less scary than, say, the financial meltdown or a disease outbreak.”

Andrew Lincoln tells E! Online what to expect in Season 2: “More sweat, more blood, more tears, more fears, just bring it!”

Jeffrey DeMunn, who’s playing Willy Loman on stage in San Diego, tells Playbill, “With The Walking Dead, you could remove the zombies and put something else in their place — something that is putting human beings under stress, under pressure, putting them in a hard situation.”

Shadowlocked asks Neil Brown, Jr. (Guillermo) if he’ll appear in Season 2. The actor responds coyly, ” would love to tell you, but they are still doing writes and negotiating contracts.”

The Hollywood Reporter cites The Walking Dead in its discussion of foreign broadcasters co-financing television shows, explaining how “Fox Intl Channels smartly parlayed around the world on Halloween.”

• Similarly, reports that Fox International Channels launched the drama simultaneously across all its channels to “better co-ordinate its marketing strategy, safeguard against piracy and build an international buzz.” (No Link)

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