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What You’re Saying About Daryl and Merle

Dont-Open-Keychain-250.jpg honors the Talk Forum and Blog commenters by quoting them in the weekly “What You’re Saying” post, then awarding those who have commented as registered users prizes like a The Walking Dead keychain (limit one per person).

The commenters this week discussed Daryl and Merle Dixon — specifically, what might happen when (or if) the brothers ever meet again.

• “Daryl is my favorite character. I think when they do run into Merle, it will be Daryl who defuses the encounter and convinces him that they came back for him.” — morganrhae

• “Daryl steps up and protects the group from crazy one-handed Merle. Clash of the redneck titans, WWF backwoods style.” — yepa1234

• “Daryl will probably end up siding with the group once Merle starts crap.” — minorthreat1

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