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The Walking Dead Finale Ratings Hit Season High, Praise From Boston Herald and Others


The Wrap touts stellar ratings for The Walking Dead‘s Season Finale while The Boston Herald and others praise the episode and Time gives the Pilot an honorable mention as one of the year’s best.

Ratings for the Season Finale, “TS-19,” were the highest of Season 1, making The Walking Dead the most-watched basic cable series of all time in the coveted 18-49 category. The New York Post calls these “terrific numbers for a cable network.” The Wrap notes thatWalking Dead has given the network the one thing it didn’t have: a flat-out hit.” The Washington Post reports that the president of FX admitted, “It’s now obvious that zombies was an unfulfilled need in the American people.”

The Boston Herald gives The Walking Dead a B+ and predicts that the show’s “growing legion of fans will be salivating for more” after the Season Finale.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV critic explains why The Walking Dead “became one of my favorite new shows of the season.”

Time Magazine gives The Walking Dead‘s Pilot episode an an honorable mention as one of the best TV episodes of 2010.

Red Eye calls The Walking Dead “a disturbing, touching and utterly enthralling tale of what it means to be human, and what happens when forces begin to corrupt that humanity.”

The Walking Dead receives a WGA nomination for best new series, and The Hollywood Reporter thinks such nominations “gave some hints as to what new series might become contenders for major industry awards next year.”

Robert Kirkman discusses with TV Guide what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick: “That’s going to play into Season 2 quite a bit. I know where that’s going and it’s really a cool bit.” Kirkman also confirms to Entertainment Weekly, “We will definitely see Michael Rooker [Merle] again.”

• Fans of the comic need not despair, Robert Kirkman tells The Atlantic: “If there’s anybody out there who’s saying, ‘Ugh, they should have done this scene, they should have done that scene,’ we’ll get to it eventually.”

Andrew Lincoln comments to the New York Post on the fate of Morgan and his son: “I can’t imagine we’d leave him out there.” Lincoln also tells the Chicago Sun-Times that he’s clueless about Season 2: “I’m as excited as everybody else to find out where, what and how we’re going to survive this zombie apocalypse.”

Gale Anne Hurd talks Season 2 with the Wall Street Journal: “When Frank [Darabont] and Robert [Kirkman] had their initial meetings this past February and March, they definitely discussed new characters and new paths for old characters.” Hurd tells HitFix the final episode was “really about the nexus between hope and despair.”

Norman Reedus talks about Daryl’s future with Esquire: “I want the other guys actually to look at Daryl to make some decisions.”

Laurie Holden talks to the Scripps Howard News Service about Andrea’s transformation: “I like that she is becoming this female warrior.” MTV chats with Holden, who discloses, “I’m very excited to start going out with the guys and start shooting zombies.”

Media Life believes that zombies are “becoming nearly as cool as vamps,” as evidenced by The Walking Dead‘s popularity.

The New York Times juxtaposes the season finales of The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks The Walking Dead reveals “we’re all just a bite away from exhibiting zombie-like behavior, regardless of our politics.”

C21 Media reports that eONE has sold the rights to The Walking Dead in France, Israel and the UK. According to TBI, eOne is close to sealing more deals for the series.

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