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Season 1 Finale, “TS-19” – Online Extras

And thus, in a fiery explosion dies possibly the world’s last vestige of modernity — and equally as possible, the survivors’ last hope of salvation. What lies ahead for Rick Grimes and the others is far from certain; what remains behind, along with the fall of civilization, can be glimpsed in these online extras for the Season 1 Finale, “TS-19.”

Production stills of the Season Finale
An “Inside The Walking Dead” video that takes you behind the scenes of the Season Finale (Contains Spoilers)
Video highlights of the Season Finale that sum it up in brief
A video of the Season Finale’s most talked-about scenes
An online trivia quiz that tests your memory of the episode
• Something to say? Bring it up in the Talk Forum’s open thread for the episode

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