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Lincoln Talks Zombie Geekery With New York Post, Hurd Tours NY Comic Con With WSJ

This week, Andrew Lincoln talks to the New York Post about his transformation into a zombie geek and the Wall Street Journal explores New York Comic Con with The Walking Dead‘s Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, reveals to the New York Post he “became an instant ‘zombie geek’ after reading [The Walking Dead] pilot script and the comics.”

The Wall Street Journal walks the halls of New York Comic Con with Gale Anne Hurd, who explains, “When you get jaded in my business you can just come here and realize how much they like what you do.” Hurd also tells Comic Book Resources that the fans of the comic book have “let us know that they’re watching us and we better not screw it up.”

The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con was “easily the biggest during NYCC’s five-year existence,” Shock Till You Drop notes, while Screen Rant describes the “near-riot that took place outside the theater where the panel was being held.”

Frank Darabont tells MTV at New York Comic Con, “What I find is that we’re very much on course with the philosophy we approached the show with.”

• After watching exclusive footage from the second episode, IGN is pleased that The Walking Dead “doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches in the gore department.”

Ology reports that the New York Comic Con audience “booed when the more vilified characters like Shane were announced,” but actor Jon Bernthal “was glad that the fans had that reaction.”

Special FX Make-Up Designer Greg Nicotero shares with, “It really felt like I was tremendously involved in not only just doing the zombie makeups but keeping the visual and the voice of the show on track.”

• Several films and The Walking Dead TV series are “seeking to infuse new life into the undead with the hopes that they’ll draw the same outsized crowds previously associated with the bloodsuckers and wand-wavers,” the Los Angeles Times writes. (No Link.)

From the Contra Costa Times: “Something fresh and original? Apparently we’ll have to wait until Halloween, when cable’s AMC debuts its highly hyped zombie saga, The Walking Dead.”

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