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The Walking Dead Trailer Blows EW‘s Mind, Freaks Out Variety


The release of The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer this week has the press excited about the drama’s Halloween premiere, with praise from Entertainment Weekly, Variety and others.

Entertainment Weekly calls The Walking Dead trailer “mind-blowing” and warns, “I don’t recommend watching it alone!” Variety says, “I believe the word ‘freaky’ satisfactorily describes the nearly five-minute trailer.” USA Today believes the trailer shows that the TV series “just might be as good as the books…and then some.” And The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Love zombies? Hate zombies? Don’t matter. People are going to be talking about The Walking Dead.”

Robert Kirkman talks to MTV about writing The Walking Dead‘s fourth episode: “It’s kind of like going back home again and getting a second pass at earlier stuff. It’s a lot of fun.”

Dread Central‘s set visit report has Gale Anne Hurd admitting of Andrew Lincoln’s casting, “We never thought we’d find our Rick Grimes in the UK.”

USA Today quotes Gale Anne Hurd in a piece about why television centered around cataclysmic events is so popular now: “Under the strain of this kind of environment,” she says, “there’s a lot of challenge and drama.”

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