Season 8, Episode 15


With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend.

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Full Recap

Rick rereads Carl’s letter to him, in which he reminisces about happier times and urges Rick to make peace with Negan and find a way to coexist.

Michonne lies in bed deep in thought. She revisits Carl’s letter to Negan.

Gregory meets with Simon at the Sanctuary and apologizes for giving him lousy intel on Hilltop. Simon shoves Gregory to the ground, but spares his life.

Cyndie and her crew find Aaron in the woods near Oceanside. Cyndie decides that it’s not her problem if Aaron wants to starve, and they leave him to die.

At the bullet factory, Eugene orders his workers to pick up the pace so that they can meet their quota for Simon. He finds a flaw in one of Gabriel’s bullets and suspends Gabriel after he admits it was deliberate.

Eugene steps out to test some rounds. After killing the guards, Daryl and Rosita seize him.

Negan surprises Dwight in the Sanctuary courtyard. Dwight insists he only stopped searching for him on Simon’s orders.

Negan meets Simon and his other lieutenants. Simon asks Negan to forgive his insubordination. Negan orders Simon to his knees, but spares his life. Negan outlines a plan to surround Hilltop and slaughter anyone who tries to leave. He pulls Dwight aside and commends him for doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Daryl and Rosita march Eugene down a road. Eugene tries to defend his alliance with Negan, but Rosita blames everyone’s deaths on him for helping the Saviors escape the besieged Sanctuary. Eugene argues that Rick is the real cause of the war. Rosita snarls that they are going to lock Eugene up.

In his apartment, Dwight marks up a map for Rick and writes a message describing Negan’s attack plan. Simon stops by and urges Dwight to help him overthrow Negan. Dwight agrees to meet Simon in the courtyard to plan the coup.

Daryl, Rosita and Eugene encounter a herd of walkers. While Daryl kills walkers, Eugene makes himself vomit on Rosita and runs off before she is able to recover.

Daryl and Rosita follow Eugene’s tracks through a pile of ash, completely overlooking his hiding spot.

Aaron wakes up in the woods and fights off walkers. Starving and weak, he falls unconscious again. When he comes to, he’s surrounded by Cyndie and her crew. He urges them to fight the Saviors so that they can live in freedom.

Dwight meets Simon and a group of Saviors in the courtyard to plan Negan’s downfall. Simon offers him the opportunity to kill Negan first hand. Dwight whistles. Negan whistles in response and emerges from his hiding place. All of the conspirators except Simon and Dwight fall dead, executed by Negan's hidden men. Negan offers Simon a chance to fight him hand-to-hand.

Negan and Simon battle to the death while everyone watches. Dwight pulls Gregory aside, hands him the map, and orders him to deliver it to Rick. Gregory runs off as Negan strangles Simon to death.

Gregory returns to Hilltop, where Maggie throws him in prison. She gives Dwight’s map to Rick.

Negan walks Dwight back to his room and appoints him his new right-hand man. Dwight opens the door only to find Laura waiting inside. Negan explains that he picked Laura up on his way back to the Sanctuary and learned everything about Dwight’s treachery. He deduces that Dwight was responsible for many of Rick’s attacks on the Saviors and explains that the map Dwight conveyed to Rick will lead Rick right into the Saviors’ line of fire.

Eugene returns to the bullet factory. Regina informs him that Negan is back and needs bullets by morning in order to spring a trap on Rick’s group. Eugene orders everyone to finish in time so they can destroy them.

A freshly turned Simon is chained to the fence at the Sanctuary. Michonne contacts Negan by walkie and reads the letter that Carl wrote him. Carl urges Negan to stop fighting and find a peaceful way forward with Rick. Negan refuses and crushes the walkie with his foot